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High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol Medication

The Dangers of High Cholesterol Medication

It is not uncommon for those to worry about their cholesterol to believe that their only option is to turn to high cholesterol medication. This type of medicine gets a great deal of air time on television and other media outlets since cholesterol problems and coronary heart disease are so dangerous. But it turns out that high cholesterol medication is not the only option for those worried about their cholesterol. There are other ways to lower high cholesterol as well as maintain low cholesterol that do not require medication.

What Other Options Are There?

For starters, there is changing your diet. While cholesterol often does have a genetic component, there is no denying that if you eat foods that are high in saturated fat, you are going to have high cholesterol, regardless of your genetics. As a result, changing your diet to remove these harmful nutrients is a good way to make sure you stay healthy.

In addition, enough exercise reduces your need for high cholesterol medication, because exercise has the ability to boost up your metabolism and lower your risk for heart disease.

However, you can also choose to use natural supplements instead of high cholesterol medication. There are a variety of natural supplements that have shown themselves to be as effective as most of the medicines, but without any of the chemicals.

Why Should These Be Considered?

The reason to consider these options instead of using high cholesterol medication, is because the medicines have a number of side effects that can make them dangerous or inconvenient over the long term. When you use them for a long period of time you are constantly putting yourself at risk for serious side effects (like muscle degeneration) as well as less serious side effects like flu like symptoms that can occur at any time.

Using a supplement instead of high cholesterol medication (as well as changing your diet and exercise patterns) is clearly a better option for maintaining lower cholesterol levels. In terms of which supplement to use, the only supplement that has shown itself to be effective enough for regular use is a product known as Vasacor. Vasacor is made from all natural ingredients, so it has no side effects, and it is filled with vitamins and extracts that are known to lower your cholesterol levels naturally. It is a great addition to any cholesterol lowering plan.