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High Cholesterol

High LDL Cholesterol

Why High LDL Cholesterol is a Major Problem?

If you've ever turned on a TV and watched a few of those medication commercials, you may be wondering what the big deal is about the high LDL cholesterol levels in this country. Where did it come from and why is it so important that it be fixed right now? The answer to that question very well may be the saving grace for millions of Americans whose own arteries are currently becoming clogged and backed up with high LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels - the kinds that will lead to increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

To start with, one needs to know more about what LDL cholesterol is and how high LDL cholesterol levels come to be. It starts with saturated fats, processed food and a proclivity to not exercise nearly enough. Foods that only provide cholesterol in its negative form - as LDL - are going to be a root cause of many high LDL cholesterol levels in Americans.

The reason for this is that people also need to have HDL - the good cholesterol - in their blood to help counteract the LDL and triglycerides. With HDL, the body can actually carry the LDL away, flushing it to the liver where it can be processed and removed from the body in a way that will help to keep the arteries clear and healthy.

But, when exercise and healthy foods are neglected - such as high density fruits and vegetables like avocados, olives and nuts - the body doesn't get the HDL it needs and the LDL is allowed to run rampant, blocking up every artery it encounters. When this happens for too long, the body falls behind and eventually becomes sick. This is when doctors start to prescribe medications that will lower high LDL cholesterol.

Unfortunately, these drugs are full of side effects and can lead to things like sexual dysfunction if taken for long periods of time. Natural supplements however, such as those found in Vasacor are much safer and tend not to have any bad side effects (or the high sticker price). For anyone that is looking to lower their high LDL cholesterol, boost their overall health and become a lot more conscious of how their everyday actions impact their future, a product like Vasacor is a much better, safer way to go than many of the other cholesterol lowering options on the market.